The Edgar Electric Team are Licensed Electricians Contractors

The owner of Edgar electric, Monty Edgar, came to the construction trade from a long history of family involvement in the construction industry. The maternal side of our family were carpenters, the paternal side were ironworkers.

As a youth, Monty was always building and creating things.

Then as a young adult, Monty had a close friend whose family was in the electrical contractor business. Their work was interesting and caught his attention.

Monty started Edgar Electric in 1984 with little to no business experience other than a childhood newspaper route and every grass cutting job that could be had in his neighborhood. With a desire for perfection and strong motivation, he soon had the largest percentage of the better home builders business in the Butler, PA area.

They were soon providing electrical contactor services for office buildings, restaurants, churches, gas and gas line installations, car washes, and many other commercial installations.

As time moved on, Monty's sons became involved in the business and they are continuing to evolve, and shape their electrical contracting and electrician's business.

Notable recent Electrical Projects

  • Electrical service restoration
  • New electrical service update for homes
  • Underground electrical wiring repair and installation
  • Home electrical appliance installation