We are qualified and equipped to handle the challenges and complexities of any size job. Height often makes reaching light fixtures a problem for your staff to handle. Hand that task over to Edgar Electric!

Parking Lot Lighting Installation

Bucket Truck Work to install lighting and electrical service on buildings and in high places

Since 1984, we have serviced parking lot lightning, security lighting and recently, the retro fitting of older light fixtures to the new and more efficient LED lighting.

Schedule parking lot lighting maintenance or bucket truck electrical work or for emergency repairs Call 724-285-7690 Now. Contact Edgar Electric today for details on a custom tailored plan that keeps your properties properly and securly lit!

Restaurants, Businesses or anywhere with hard to reach signs high in the air needing bulbs replaced or electrical repairs, call Edgar Electric!

Bucket truck work for electric sign maintenance & repair

Replace light bulbs, florescent tubes and LEDs in lighted signs