Edgar Electric has excavators, dump trucks and trenching equipment for all of your underground electrical service needs

Trenching to supply the primary and secondary conduit for a transformer

Fully set up to handle trenching for service laterals, primary and secondary for utilities or our customers personal trenching needs

Transformer underground wiring installers

Underground Conduit Feeders

Underground Wiring Services Include:

  • Electrical Service Installation
  • Control Wiring
  • Fuel and Water Pump Underground Wiring
  • Wire Pulling
  • Conduit Installation
Primary and Secondary conduit installation

Underground Feeders For The Gas Pipeline Industry

This was an installation for the gas pipeline industry performed by Edgar Electric

Trenching and conduit installation contractor

1,000 Foot of Trench Dug For This Project and Over 4,000 Foot of Conduit Laid in This Trench

Edgar Electric provided the trenching for these underground electric feeders for this gas pipeline installation. /p>

We also laid all of the conduit and did all of the wire pulls for this job.

Gas pipeline trenching