Edgar Electric has a wide variety of experience provding large and heavy pulls in commercial & industrial applications

Preparing Electrical Conductors for Pulling

Lubricating electrical wire with wire lube to help the wire travel pull through the conduit.

Wire pulling service Pennsylvania

Another Step in the Process of Long and Hard Wire Pulls

Depending on the location and environment, wire pulling requires a little imagination and ingenuity to accomplish the pull. Here we mounted the sheave on the bucket of a excavator.

Wire pulling contractors

Wire Reels in an Unfriendly Pennsylvania Environment!

Using this flat bed trailer for holding the wire reels allowed us to get the reels close to where they needed to be for the optimum distance and pulling angle.

Multiple wires pulled through conduit

The Muscle Power Behind the Wire Pull

A wire tugger and a 1,000 foot rope make this pull.

Wire pulling tugger machine